We engage, empower, enable, and imagine a future where the patient, consumer, customer, and business is the center of everything you do. Our approach is to provide the vision and technical support needed for an organization or individual to have ownership of their creations in a decentralized and agnostic manner. We are the bridge between traditional organizations and the ambitious innovators that want to control their own destiny.


To empower and incentivize individuals in a granular manner; To create new opportunities for individual expression and job formation, for citizens and organizations, around the world; To create agency and earnings potentials within individuals, consumers, and organizations. Our focus is on operationalizing intuition by quickly enabling and integrating technologies to achieve Web3 goals. We create your vision on a blank canvas leveraging modern technology to enable psychological understanding of customers.  We have expertise utilizing modern technologies including blockchain, artificial intelligence, quantum computing, and autonomous systems to bring these ideas to reality.
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Imagine a world where your primary objective is to enable the consumer, patient, or individual employee in a secure ecosystem. Imagine a world where the primary goal is to prioritize the exchange of value and a reward for that exchange between individuals, corporations, government partners, and non-government organizations. Our Web3 solutions are focused on quickly enabling these types of behaviors while providing the security and optimization tools to deal with large scale nation state driven cybersecurity attacks. As a company we value individual empowerment. We create operating models that incentivize individuals and organizations to achieve breakthrough outcomes.


Empowering consumers, patients, and individuals while alleviating the amount of time spent on tedious tasks. Distributed solutions will help large organizations cut costs and become more adept in meeting customer demands. Ecosystems that are distributed improve agency amongst participants and therefore improve brand loyalty. However, if they are not secure consumers will quickly lose trust in the market place they operate in. Our approach starts with security. Our commitment to security and experience at a global level, with the security issues that plague the global landscape today, allow us to create solutions that put security at the core.  Just like Maslow’s hierarchy of needs we are focused on providing the basics for consumers so they can successfully follow their passions, individually access the healthcare they need, and express their opinion, all while monitoring their own stress and psychological state to ensure awareness.


Sports, entertainment, healthcare, manufacturing, etc., will all be impacted by the rise of the metaverse. The metaverse has a projected growth of 43% annually and could reach a value of $800B by 2028. We plan to leverage our first mover advantage in metaverse design and our deep experience with security to provide an easy button solution to help empower patients, consumers, and  individuals around the world. No longer is a centralized organization the creator of the world around us. We ensure that the consumer can create their own reality and receive benefits for doing it. Whether it is the achievement of self actualization or a few extra bucks for gas to go on a weekend trip, we are an enabler and empowerer of individual choice for people.

Virtual Machine

We utilize artificial intelligence to allow the consumer, individual, artist, or patient to exist in two states at one time. We believe that happiness and sadness are in fact the same; being able to identify and create awareness of these states will push humanity into the future. Our approach to machine learning is to align incentives around awareness. We create ecosystems and engagement models with our technological tools that are focused on awareness because we believe that happiness, at an individual level, is understanding agency and the range of psychological states that can exist at the same time in an ecosystem of people. We then ensure that individuals are empowered by the metaverses we create and benefit from the sensor endpoint data we are able to create and align with the incentives we have agreed upon.